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    Design & Production

    For ad agencies and business owners.

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    Web Design, Graphic Design, Commercial Printing, Signage, and Consulting since 2005.

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Marketing Media Design & Production Services

  • We specialize in open source content management website design and development featuring responsive and mobile friendly concepts.

  • We offer solutions to integrate with your business systems and make online sales fast, affordable, and profitable.

  • Our founder is a second generation advertising design expert who learned Photoshop when he was in grade school. There's no substitute for experience.

  • Our artistry and experience can help you make your mark with an impressive logo and corporate branding packages.

  • We offer unbeatable prices on the best quality full color print products around. From business cards and brochures to booklets and banners.

  • Our sister company NC GreenGeeks offers affordable wind powered web hosting solutions with cPanel.

  • We offer sign solutions that turn heads without breaking the bank. From vehicle graphics to trade show displays, we design and produce it all.

  • We have a complete selection of promo products with custom imprinting to help you promote your business in unique and memorable ways.

Daniel Cropper, Founder of Straight Edge Marketing

Daniel Cropper, Founder

"Art & Science do not have to be such separate concepts.
Often times, where they meet, is where you will find the best solution.“

Every company is the by-product of its founder's cumulative life experiences. After attaining advanced degrees in business from one of New York's finest business schools and spending many years working within the confines of traditional advertising agencies and marketing services, Dan & Malena Cropper founded The Straight Edge Companies recognizing the fact that the old advertising and marketing approaches of the past several decades were no longer the path to grabbing new prospect attention and securing new business. Since its beginnings in 2004, The Straight Edge Companies have grown into a nation-wide network of marketing production professionals spanning the country and making a tangible difference in the bottom lines of hundreds of client companies. As we continue to grow, the Straight Edge Companies have strategically branched into new markets.

Our most recent acquisitions include, Towing Management Systems and NC Green Geeks. Our objective is to continuously raise the bar in cutting edge media and stay ahead of the 'communications curve' in delivering the latest media solutions to our clients. How you say, what you say, to your customers and prospects is critical to your success. At The Straight Edge Companies we completely understand that, and are here to help you distinguish your company from your competition

The Straight Edge Companies are small and privately owned. We think this is something to be proud of.

In the competitive world of advertising and design you have a lot of choices as to where your money should go.

Would you choose to hire 30 guys with bloated salaries and a bad case of groupthink, or would you rather hire a couple of creative young professionals who will rack their brains to constantly deliver innovative solutions at the best price possible?

We thought you might say that - That is why we exist, and we strive to grow and exceed expectations everyday.

If you are interested in any of our services, or if you have any questions, then please visit our contact page and submit the form to get in touch with us.


A Family Of Companies

Straight Edge Marketing has been serving clients around the US since 2005. We have developed and worked on over 1000 website projects since we began. We have helped so many of our clients achieve tremendous success in growing their brands and selling their products online that we've finally made the time to do it for ourselves. In 2016 we launched Gorilla Carriers. A brand and product that we're very proud of. If you are interested in what Straight Edge can offer you, take a look at every element of Gorilla Carriers - from top to bottom, the Straight Edge team has been responsible for product sourcing, brand development, video production, website development, graphic design, sign creation, and anything else you can think of to bring this business to life.